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Mijy-Land Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mijy-Land Industrial Co., Ltd.

M&L brand value world-renowned!

Founded in 1976, the main products M&L supplies are Pistol and straight type, shut-off, cushion, direct, and positive Air Screwdriver, drill and wrench. We have the advanced and excellent production equipments and technologies in producing, as our hot products, Air Screwdriver....
In the spring of 1979, there was a young man who makes a living for machining parts, commonly known as the "black hand". For many years, he has been engaged in a business model based on foundry parts. The profit has always been poor, and he can only earn meager profits. At one time, one of his friends brought a friend who comes from Italy to visit Taiwan. The young man told the Italian CEO what the dilemma he had faced. The CEO gave him a suggestion, he encouraged young people to establish his own brand and named it "MIJY-LAND". After the company was named by English, it was also established on June 21 of the same year - MIJY-LAND INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. the young man was our founder and the first operator.
Our M&L logo logo is derived from the English company name "MIJY-LAND", "MIJY" - representing Beautiful. "LAND" - representing Earth, combined two word means the beautiful earth. This name not only includes four elements: fashion, new technology elements, quality consistency, and user perspective. And the most important thing is learning how to protect our only mother, Earth. That why I have started to develop the environmental air tools.
In the 1990s, due to the currency appreciation, the processing industry moved outside to other countries and the wages increased. Most traditional processing industries had been faced the collapse. As the current CEO, I also faced a business crisis and wanted to shut down the factory. But I suddenly remembered when I was in third grade in elementary school, one night my mother called me to her room and gave me an apron. She said that " there are two hundred dollars in the apron pocket (for giving change). Tomorrow the summer vacation would begin. This year, the typhoon killed a lot of vegetables which grew by us. We only had a few vegetables which we harvested before the typhoon. The land needed to be re-cultivation. , so you have to go to the traditional market along to sell the vegetables in tomorrow. Be a good boy, made me proud." Imagine being a third-grade elementary school student. How to stand out in the traditional market when everyone sold the same things? and thinking how to set self-worth? At that time, I don’t know why my mother had to make such an arrangement. When I grew up, I realized that she hoped for me to explore the world and learn something could not learn in school. Especially from the work that I don't like and built the ability to explore self-interest. Recalling the days when I was selling vegetables in the market not always well, I kept thinking about how to sell out vegetables in every day. How to convince the customers bought more vegetables? How to deal with a bad client? How to avoid when a buyer asked me to provide more discount? At the time, I could not imagine that these experiences would produce substantial applications in my life. If I didn't sell vegetables when I was young, trained myself to cultivate immediate thinking reaction, these experiences had made my company grow up. Without these experiences, there will be no company's "customer-oriented" humanity business rules today, and won't have a good corporate image among customers.

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