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Courageously facing the crisis, there is a possibility of a bumper harvest --39 years of brand entrepreneurship legend
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Courageously facing the crisis, there is a possibility of a bumper harvest --39 years of brand entrepreneurship legend

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  Taiwan is accustomed to refer to young people engaged in the processing of mechanical parts as "black hands". This group of "black hands" has an ordinary and extraordinary young man. He has also followed the traditional model of OEM parts processing for many years. To meager profits. In the spring of 1979, the young friend of this young man brought a Italian friend to Taiwan to play. This Italian friend is the CEO of a company. During the play, the young people told the Italian dilemma about their current professional dilemmas. The Italian friends encouraged the young man to establish his own brand and also named the young man brand “MYJY-LAND” and “MYJY”. Beautiful, "LAND" is the common mother earth of human beings. The Chinese translation is "beautiful earth". In addition to the fashion, technology, quality and customer elements, the name is the hope that users and creators can care for us. Mother - Earth, this is the starting point for the young man to start developing environmentally friendly tools. In June of the same year, the young man established Meizhiyu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., who was the founder and first operator of the 39-year-old machine tool production.

    The road to entrepreneurship is not smooth sailing. In the 1990s, most traditional processing enterprises in Taiwan faced bankruptcy. At that time, Li Chunchang, the company's chief executive, also faced a serious business crisis test. He also moved the idea of shutting down the factory. At this time, he suddenly remembered that when he was in the third grade of elementary school, one night the mother called him over and gave him an apron, which put 200 yuan in change and let him go to the market to sell the vegetables harvested before the typhoon. At that time, the market was not good. He always thought about how to sell the dishes of the day, how to please customers to sell more vegetables, and how to deal with the aunts who bargained. When I was a child, I didn’t know why my mother had to arrange this. When I grew up, I realized that valuable experience had trained my thinking reaction. It was these achievements that made the company move forward step by step, so in the face of any difficulties, it was difficult to meet the difficulties. Have a chance to survive.

  Now Li Chunchang, who is "a hundred wars", often mentions the "failure to learn" that Harvard Business School professor Edmundson said. He believes that failure can also be beneficial to enterprises. If they simply accept failure, they do not think about how to Learning from it, it is as stupid as ignoring failure. For a company, the most important thing is how to intelligently translate customer complaints and complaints into failures that help the company, and try to remove meaningless failures. After three years of reform, the company has once again been on the right track. The new electric screwdrivers and pneumatic screwdrivers that he devoted research and development have won the design award in Japan for the first time. The products have been widely recognized in the world.

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