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A crazy inspiration given by an omelette - the innovative story of Taiwan MIJYLAND
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A crazy inspiration given by an omelette - the innovative story of Taiwan MIJYLAND

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The MOTEK international trade fair for handling, assembly and automation technology is the world’s leading event in the fields of pro

  After the financial tsunami in 2008, Mr. Li Chunchang, the CEO of Taiwan’s Miele, visited the customer factory at the invitation of European customers. During the visit, Mr. Li Chunchang discovered that the operators all operated the grinder with the earmuffs. The reason was that there was a lot of high-decibel noise generated when the hand-held grinder was working. The hearing damage to the employees was very large, even if the earmuffs were worn, they could not fully resist. . European factories were also eager to improve the status quo, hoping to find a tool with a noise value below 70 decibels. After understanding the original committee, Mr. Li Chunchang was deeply worried about the health of the employees. So he took the initiative to develop a new low-noise grinding machine with MIJY-LAND INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.

  When I first started to develop low-noise grinding machines, I often encountered some problems: the horsepower reached the standard, but the noise value was too large; on the contrary, the noise value reached the standard, but the horsepower was insufficient. It took a long time and the results were very small. The R&D team was disheartened and once wanted to give up. But when the product is about to fail, the inspiration is like the apple that rushes to Newton, falling from the sky.

One day, when Mr. Li Chunchang went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for his family, he found that the fried egg would always be on the pot that was usually used. If you want to keep the appearance of the fried egg, you must use a lot of oil, which will cause a lot of oil smoke pollution. Environmental protection. At this time, Mr. Li Chunchang unconsciously picked up the non-stick pan that had been bought for a long time but had not been used. He found that even a small amount of oil was used, and the fried egg would not stick to the pot, so that the lung would not be caused by inhaling too much fumes. Departmental damage. So he wondered, so that the principle of keeping the non-stick pan clean can also be applied to the development of the grinder? If the internal friction of the motor is reduced, the horsepower of the motor can be increased, and the operation process is also Therefore, the problem of becoming more smooth and at the same time plaguing the noise value for a long time has also been solved. The crazy inspiration that came out of the omelet came into being!

William James, the father of American psychology, once said: "There is a mistake to bring out the truth; just like a picture requires a dark background to show brightness." And Jobs said many years ago: " If any questions see me. Thanks. "Errors and problems do not represent failure, but may be the best inspiration, the fastest and most efficient way to improve the product. Good questions will keep people growing and changing, and will constantly correct your initial thoughts; once you go deeper into the details, give yourself time to find the difference between “possible” and “impossible”, and then use a lot of experiments to prove This is the best condition for nurturing creativity, and the results obtained will often be more fruitful.

We must not only look for ideas deep inside everyone, but also turn good ideas into good products, and these processes in the middle require a lot of effort. When people continue to improve this "good idea", it will continue to grow and change, and the results may differ from the original idea, but as long as they continue to explore, they can do better. And to get the best attitude for everything, you can change one person, one company and even the world.

Through the efforts of the entire team, the problems of low-noise grinding machines have been solved one by one. Now Taiwan’s Miele has developed many high-quality and wide-ranging tools of straight/gun type oil-free low-noise. Europe has received enthusiastic response from customers.

Modern society generally believes that being good at selling is the best way for a company to sell its products. However, Taiwan’s beauty knows the importance of product innovation. When you find inspiration in your problems and turn good ideas into products, you can find each other. The treasure you want.

duction and assembly automation, feed technology and material flow, streamlining and handling technology, as well as industrial handling. And thus MOTEK is the only trade fair to focus clearly on all aspects of mechanical engineering and automation in order to provide users of all sizes from the relevant industry sectors with decisive competitive advantages.

Facts and Figures

With 940 exhibitors and 60,000 square meter of exhibition floor space, MOTEK was able to assert itself more than just adequately in the year of 2010 with its multidisciplinary core topics – especially in light of the fact that exhibitors from 23 countries around the world participated and about 31,000 expert visitors, i.e. potential users, from 82 nations attended the event. This illustrates the well established, enormous importance of MOTEK as an international, ground-breaking information, communication and business platform for investment in automation for production, assembly and peripheral logistics.

The Entire World of Handling, Assembly and Automation Technology

Beyond this, the MOTEK international trade fair for handling, assembly and automation technology is the only technical event which presents the entire world of automation – from components and subsystems to complete solutions. As opposed to events which cover components only, or just present custom systems based on special customer requirements, this provides expert visitors including engineers and users with the advantage of finding interdisciplinary approaches ranging from detail solutions right on up to ready-to-install systems.

Target Groups

This type of highly consistent target-group orientation is one of MOTEK’s secrets of success, which is held at the heart of Germany’s economically strong southern industrial region – in the middle of Europe – and plays a leading technology and business role within the sector. Focal target groups for MOTEK topics include automobile, machinery and equipment manufacturing, the electrical and electronics industries, medical engineering and solar production, as well as the metal and plastic processing industries in general, and their suppliers.

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