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  • History of Mijyland
  MIJY-LAND is the entrepreneur's name given to him by a founder of Italy. MIJY-LAND represents the meaning of fashion, technology, moving and protecting the only mother we love. The earth is in English at the beginning. The company name is MIJY-LAND, and there is a Chinese company name - Meizhiyu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. The trademark is the English abbreviation of MIJY-LAND, MIJY – represents beauty, LAND – represents the mother of the earth: land, translated into Chinese is the beautiful earth.

  The stylish appearance, the elements of the new technology and the empathy that triggers the user according to the user's perspective, and lead the pneumatic tools into a new realm of more environmentally friendly and easier to use.

  After nearly forty years, we have not forgotten the "initial heart" when we started our business. It is our constant goal to create products that are "surprising" from time to time. Finally, thank you for your long-term cooperation with Meizhi Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. Support and encouragement.

Mijy-Land Industrial Co., Ltd
CEO Eric Lee


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