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China and the United States trade opportunities to automate opportunities in Taiwan
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China and the United States trade opportunities to automate opportunities in Taiwan

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M&L automatic torque driver has always been the world's number one market share, and it is affirmed by peers. When the government introduced Industry 4.0 from 2015, we also actively invested and promoted it. It mainly collects and stores the data of the lock screw, digitalized and big data, and combines the intelligent production of the robot and the lock screw equipment of the lampless factory. We did the promotion of the show, and the company's business also tried to visit customers and informed them that the smart factory is the mainstream production of the future factory. Although the customers are very interested and agree, when asked if they are willing to buy, they all replied that they have more demand in the mainland. Therefore, the promotion of this aspect in Taiwan has always encountered bottlenecks. The focus of the entire Taiwanese manufacturing expansion project is on mainland China. The so-called "Industry 4.0" has only become a slogan in Taiwan. This department has been losing money for four consecutive years and has not improved.


After the US President Trump’s 25% tariff was hit this year, Taiwanese companies set up factories in the mainland returned to Taiwan for investment, and the pigs and sheep changed color at one time. Many factories abandoned the use of the mainland manual production mode, and instead purchased digital automatic screwdrivers, automatically sent screws and cooperated with robots, combined with cloud reserve production data to optimize the process. Establish a central control center, implement production history management, improve quality, and move toward higher-level product production processes. Let me see that Taiwan is moving in the direction of a high-quality manpower and high-quality goods production, because the smart factory demand for high yield is almost 0%. What is the reason? Because the Taiwanese automatic machine can not be as sophisticated as the high-end automation equipment system in Europe and America, as long as there is a small screw that is not locked, the products produced in the entire production line may be scrapped, so we have imported from Europe and America. Excellent automation equipment can almost completely avoid the shortcomings of the Taiwan machine. It also helps us to see Taiwan's new future and new opportunities. Let's make it together!


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