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Ingenuity: Innovation, Persistence and Pursuit of Perfection--The Success of Taiwan's MIJYLAND
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Ingenuity: Innovation, Persistence and Pursuit of Perfection--The Success of Taiwan's MIJYLAND

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            This article is the self-report of Eric Lee, CEO of Taiwan M&L

  Yesterday, I didn't intend to turn to the notebook of the student era. On the front page, I wrote "Thinking", which reminds me of my own love when I read a book. I always like to read the pictures in my mind. At that time, I was not very familiar with innovation, but there was always a courage to free creativity.

  I think fantasy is the primary condition for innovation. When creating new products, I usually find a place with beautiful scenery, clearing my heart and immersing myself in nature. In this way, an imaginary new product will be born naturally, and a three-dimensional image will emerge in the brain for a long time. But when I develop new products, I often encounter problems with creative exhaustion. Why do children have novel ideas that they can’t use every day, but they lose their creativity when they become adults? Is education closing the hearts of each of us, or are we giving up thinking because of the influence of the big environment? For whatever reason, retrieving the original innovation is a compulsory course in life. We must liberate our brains, break the original framework, walk out of the comfortable zone of thinking, let "fantasy" and "creative" come freely, so that innovation is not interrupted.

  This is a time of competition, where you can see a company that is weak or a gas industry. Because they don't seek improvement, they miss out on the new opportunities brought about by change, and give the chances of success to other companies with more ideas. Therefore, the issue of “innovative power” and “changing power” is a daily compulsory course in the United States. In this society that does not advance and retreat, because of this tremendous thinking power, we have created many initial results that are not optimistic about the public, but ultimately make people stunned. The spirit of innovation has also become one of the ingenuity of beauty.

  However, it is not enough to have innovation. The emergence of a kind of art often requires a great energy of a Yuan artist. It may be three months or six months or one year or more to complete it. During this time, the artist needs to constantly modify it to make it perfect and make it

Become a perfect piece of art. Persistence is another part of the ingenuity.

  Our company spent a lot of years developing a new brushless electric screwdriver. The quality of the developed product is very good, but the integration of the organization and the electronic part is not very smooth, resulting in the overall quality is not as good as the competitors. And because of the high cost and high pricing, it was not very good when it was launched. What is even more irritating is that some competitors have been laughing at the shortcomings of our products and have to let us out of the market.

  This series of setbacks not only did not extinguish my determination, but also caused me to provoke a spirit of disobedience. I told myself that I can't give up, and I would like to laugh at our words as a suggestion to us. I thought that some of our small details would not be done well, and we would not achieve the expected results. Instead of countering the opponents, we choose to start again from the basics, identify the shortcomings of the tools through the criticism of the opponents, and integrate and improve again and again. I believe that as long as we insist on perfecting the quality, this Maxima (power tool) will definitely encounter Bole, as Lin Shaohao said: "When no one is optimistic, still believe in yourself; When you are at the door, grab it with strength."

  Thanks to our R&D department, we have been insisting not to give up, try our best to improve every small detail of the product, and finally improve the success in the coming year and complete the quality and design that even the opponent can't. Our power tools include a patented clutch system and a patented power-saving motor that is more energy-efficient and energy-efficient than the power tools on the market. In order to be able to match the customer's use for a long time, it adds intimate ergonomics. Grip design - special non-slip material grip for added balance and improved work efficiency; also equipped with LED tool light to remind users of the current screw lock condition and external adjustment torque, even if it is necessary to repeat our operation for a long time The tool will not easily feel the hand. Although the middle of the development process encountered many difficulties, but with the spirit of not giving up and the determination to give back to the society, a high-quality brushless power tool was finally born.

  Fortunately, in the near future, a well-known German company had to purchase high-quality electric screwdrivers. Our company was the last one to be selected. Although it only got the entrance ticket, the company has fully cooperated with the requirements of the family, whether it is the previous product or the newly developed rechargeable screwdriver, it is introduced to the customer in detail. It can be said that in the shortest time, the power of the whole company is exhausted and the best is presented to the customer.

  The spirit of pursuing perfection has yielded fruitful results. After the test report came out, the customer informed us that the tools of the five companies were selected for comparison. Two of them were three Taiwanese companies, but our beauty is the first place in the test. So the German company finally chose our company as a supplier, saying that our quality has exceeded that of Japanese companies, not to mention two other Taiwanese companies. Successfully winning the German order not only opened up the sales of new products, but also enhanced the popularity of the United States in the European market, and established a certain reputation. Because we pursued perfection of one thing, we got such a big response, which was unexpectedly unexpected. The spirit of excellence and the pursuit of perfection have become part of our ingenuity.

  Innovation, persistence, and the pursuit of perfection, it is precisely because of this ingenuity, the beauty of the United States can create a number of high-quality products, open a broader market. In today's society, people are upset and pursuing “short, flat and fast”. Although they bring immediate benefits, they ignore the quality soul of the products. Such products are not destined to last long. Therefore, the company now needs more ingenuity to succeed in the long-term competition, and the company can become a century old.

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