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MIJY-LAND efforts to reduce air pollution
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MIJY-LAND efforts to reduce air pollution

Views:9     Author:CEO Eric Lee     Publish Time: 2019-07-19      Origin:MIJY-LAND INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD

In 2000, I suddenly received a call from a Japanese friend and said that I could not come to visit Taiwan. Asked about the reason, he replied: his doctor in Japan told him that he had lung adenocarcinoma. The reason may be that he inhaled too much polluted air during his work in Taiwan, causing long-term pathological changes in his lungs. I was shocked by the news, and the clean air was so important. So I began to examine whether or not we have the problem of air pollution in the process of tool production. At that time, I found that the average person did not pay much attention to the part of the pneumatic system pollution. However, the range of use of the pneumatic system is quite extensive. Today, various manufacturing, service industries and even medical undertakings are indispensable. If you can fully grasp the structure or characteristics of various machine components, reducing air pollution is the best guarantee for industrial safety and environmental protection.


For how to effectively prevent and control air pollution, after the general air pressure system is running, the used air is discharged into the factory and scattered in every corner, and the air compressor of the factory will be near the air. Inhalation compression, in the process of compression and air transport, it is inevitable that foreign matter or harmful substances will enter the pipeline. Therefore, compressed air is definitely not clean air. In recent years, companies that install air-conditioning equipment in factories are gradually increasing. However, the air discharged from the pneumatic equipment is still full of the inside of the factory, causing internal air pollution. In addition to the uncomfortable feeling of the workers in the factory, it will also have a physiological adverse effect. It has become a problem that must be solved in environmental protection work. So the environmentally friendly tools of the United States were born.


Solve the problem of pollution caused by exhaust air, and clean the compressed air. However, after all, the effect is limited. It is still necessary to find other better solutions. If the amount of air discharged is small, install exhaust gas. The oil filter can be a solution, but when the exhaust volume is quite large, the green swimmer can't afford it. The air that has been discharged must be concentrated in one place. Outside the factory, this is called the centralized row. Gas treatment.


The result of the worry and worry of the world is that our company launched the world's first environmentally-friendly pneumatic screwdriver at that time, and won the award of Japan's overseas product design in 2002, and established a new benchmark for environmentally friendly pneumatic screwdrivers, even in 2015. An oil-free pneumatic screwdriver was introduced at the time. Committed to let customers use our pneumatic screwdrivers, no longer have to worry about air pollution problems. I look forward to working with you to promote and then pay attention to the pollution of the earth and the working environment, and work together to solve the problem.


CEO Eric Lee

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