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M&L Taiwan Mijyland - Certified Cordless Screwdriver - Evolution-One
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M&L Taiwan Mijyland - Certified Cordless Screwdriver - Evolution-One

It's been reported that knockoff-copying Mijy-Land products can be seen on the market. These knockoffs look almost identical with our products but are in no way up to scratch with the rigid standards of the authentic ones. To fight the knockoffs, we present you the MLQ series! Not only does the MLQ series maintain the 10 advantages of the T series, the MLQ series also has a longer life and better designs! Show your support by purchasing the MLQ serial products. New look: Handled furnished with the gecko-style, hard case, and anti-slip design that prevents hand sweat and provides comfortable touch, greater friction, and better air permeability as well as anti-slip characteristic with its grooved design. New function: The torque fixing system; the iron torque jacket provides impact resilience and longer life and serves as an obvious distinction from knockoffs to protect customers' rights.

  • M&L Mijyland

MIJY-LAND INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. solemnly declares:
1. English M&L brand is the only genuine goods produced by TaiwanMIJY-LAND INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. , and all others are counterfeit goods.
2. MIJY-LAND INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. has never set up any branch office in mainland China.
M&L has always been committed to the design and manufacture of gas/power tools, planning products from the perspective of users, calculating tool efficiency with the concept of operators, and adopting precision, environmental protection, technology and quality as specifications. The products produced have many patents. And won a number of awards, excellent pneumatic tools, in addition to improving work efficiency, and can improve the quality of work. The color and shape of the whole tool are combined with the latest technology products of design, appearance, human engineering, organization, machinery and other engineers. It is a real industrial pneumatic screwdriver.


M&L air screwdriver has foolowing 10 features

1. Accureacy:M&L provide patent clutch with 2.5% deviation of torque, assure the best quality.

2. Economic:Wide-ranging torque with many patent and longer life cycle of motor.

3. Delicacy:Combination of art, ergonomics and mechanical design.

4. Technology:Special mechanical structure and patent motor give you low noise, low vibration and high accuracy.

5. Honorary:Award "Excellent Tool" at japan 2002 Osaka exhibition.

6. Easy Operation:Special design of level for easy operation.

7. Comfort:Unity sharping soft resin ergonomic grip "Top Wave" ergonomic design, best balance and easy to grip. The grip made thermophastic elastomer, the best material so far, with good touch and anti-glossy feature.

8. Torque fix system:To avoid the adjustment by operator and easy to mark the torque through the window. This up-to-the-date design let you either adjust the torque rapidly or without using the torque lock nut.

9. Speediness:Operator can change the bit rapidly by push the bit head.

10. Color torque system:M&L color torque system gives you and easily visible torque marking system at a glance for all the R-series tools. Choice the color for eash torque level used on your assembly line.

More Features of Evolution-One Series:

1. Clutch:Two-Phase Clutch Design for Higher CMK, One Million Cycle Maintenance Free.

2. Motor:Brushless, Maintenance Free, New Patented Motor Accelerator For Better Tool Performance & The Enhancement of Efficiency.

3.Ergonomics:Anti-Slip Clamping Grip for Safe Handling, LED Job Light, Perfectly Balanced Tool. 

4. PCB Board:Trouble-Shooting Display.

5. New Li-lon Battery:Lighter & Compact.
6. Power Saving Mode:ECO, Normal, Sport For Longer Life and More Productive Use.
7. Long-Life Battery:10.8v/4.0Ah (Order No. Lbp32-02)

槍型充電式介紹(英文) 槍型充電式產品型號(英文)

· It is difficult to distinguish between fake and genuine. If you think you have purchased counterfeit M&L products, we suggest that you contact us so that we can help you determine if the product is counterfeit.
· If you would like to report a suspected M&L counterfeit, please send an email. M&L appreciates your help in preventing the spread of counterfeit goods.