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Smart torque display screwdriver with ASG Made In U.S.A
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Smart torque display screwdriver with ASG Made In U.S.A

  • ASG-SD2500-10PL - ASG-SD2500-50RQ
  • ASG
Introduction-Smart torque display screwdriver with ASG(Made In U.S.A):

Mijyland is general agent with American ASG Smart torque display screwdriver and wrench. screwdrivers and nutrunners are premium quality transducerized DC electric tools. Inline screwdrivers are available with push, lever or remote start operation and 1/4 in. hex drive. Fixture mount models with threaded end are available in each torque range for automated or robotic applications. Right angle nutrunners are available with either 1/4 in. hex or 1/4 in. square drive.

  • Transducerized torque and angle control with compact, lightweight, brushless motor for unparalleled clean, quiet and accurate operation
  • Sleek aluminum body with high intensity LED tool indicator lights
  • Foam grip included is standard with all inline models to provide ergonomic comfort for the operator

Digital screwdriver series specifications

Digital DC Sensor Controller

Taiwan general agent- Mijyland offers the ASG’s controller features a color touch screen for intuitive setup, eliminating the need for external software. A variety of integration options are possible.
  • Torque and angle control monitoring with color coded results
  • 32 task storage keys for multiple assembly setups with 8 available parameters within each task
  • Easily import/export task files with USB drive
  • Multi-bolt programmable fastening
  • Programmable I/O for process control
  • Parameter status bar
  • Data collection and rundown graphing
  • Automatic tool recognition
  • Selectable tool triggering and trigger sensitivity control
  • Password protection for 3 users
  • Universal power supply(international power cords available)

X-PAQTM Controller for SD2500 Series Tools 、Networking Modules and Tool Cables and Accessories

Tool cables are available for connecting between the controller and tools.
  • Heavy Weight Strain Relief (HW) 10 models
  • ESD Safe (ESD) 10 models
  • Right Angle Extension (RAEX) 5 models
Provide cable in lengths 01 - 50 ft. (0.3 - 15.2 m).PS: Maximum total length with tool and extension cables combined is 90 ft. (27.4 m).

Purchase a System or Configure Your Own

Taiwan general agent- Mijyland offers the ASG’s complete set as both pre-packaged systems and individually sold items.
Client could purchase a system or configure your own as follows:

Complete X-PAQTM System: includes controller, SD2500 tool and heavy weight strain relief tool cable and a power cord suitable for local standards.
  • Please contact Taiwan general agent- Mijyland to refer the form for select the model including the controller, tools, cable and power cord.
Depending on the torque range and cable length requirements, you can easily configure out which system for your application.

Sequence Recognition System
The Sequence Recognition System Integrate with the ASG X-PAQTM precision fastening system to help control manufacturing processes by ensuring that proper torque, sequence and revolution tolerance is achieved. Use the IR camera detects the position of the tool, monitors fastener tightening sequence and minimizes the effects of workstation lighting on the assembly process. Eliminate production errors and avoid product scrapping and product rework costs.

Competitive Price:
Place of Origin: United States of America
Sales Method: Wholesale, OEM/ODM, Service, Retail
Payment Term: T/T
Material/Components: aluminum

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